I'm Cornelius. Although I recently decided to become a professional photographer, I've been taking photo's since I could hold a camera.


I design clothing, candles, and home decor. I've always loved art, and creating things.


My kids give me a lot of inspiration for what I do. They give me a reason to keep pursuing new things.


While most photographers specialize in a specific type of photography, I shoot some of everything. Art is everywhere, and in everything. 5 people can take a photo of the same exact thing, but the results will always be different depending on each person's eye for creativity.


I shoot with a Canon dslr, as well as Microsoft Lumia phones. I prefer natural shots over heavily edited. I like to capture those moments that no one else sees happening. Sometimes the best moments in life aren't staged.


My clients are always encouraged to offer suggestions, and choose their own scenes. Even when I'm shooting for my own clothing line. Most of us have an inner artist just begging to get out. I want to allow you that freedom, and capture those artistic moments with you.


Thank You to all of my clients that have already, and have yet to allow me to be a part of their moments.



© 2019 Cornelius Hardy Photography
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